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Uncompromised Beauty On The Glow

Introducing The Glow Beauty Case—an epitome of elegance and functionality, designed to transform your makeup routine.

Meticulously designed and exclusive to Glow Beauty is our powerful and advanced luminous system, flawlessly mimicking both daylight and evening light, eradicating shadows by evenly distributing light across your entire face. Select from three optimized brightness settings with a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) exceeding 90.

  • 1:1 HD Silver Mirror with 100 Pcs LED Beads: Illuminate your beauty with crystal clarity using the 1:1 HD silver mirror, complemented by 100 meticulously placed LED beads. Revel in flawless reflections and see yourself in the best light possible.
  • Built-in 5000mAh Battery for Long Illumination: Unleash the power of enduring radiance with the built-in 5000mAh battery. No more interruptions or dim moments—enjoy prolonged, brilliant illumination for your makeup sessions.
  • Type-C Port, USB Charging Cable (Included): Stay connected effortlessly with the modern convenience of a Type-C port. The Glow Beauty Case comes complete with a USB charging cable, ensuring a seamless and efficient charging experience.

The Glow Beauty Case is not just a makeup accessory; it's a statement of sophistication, empowering you to shine brightly wherever you go. Elevate your beauty ritual and embrace the glamour of flawless illumination.

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Opulently Chic While Upholding Effectiveness, Even When You're On The Move!

Introducing the White New Edition Glow Beauty Box, gracefully adorned with our distinctive nude details. This portable vanity table revolutionizes your beauty regimen, providing comfort and flexibility wherever you choose. Say farewell to being restricted to a fixed makeup spot. Now, you can effortlessly and efficiently prepare with the assistance of our state-of-the-art lighting system. Featuring top-of-the-line lighting with a remarkable Colour Rendering Index (CRI), it faithfully represents true-to-life colours and shades, ensuring a flawless makeup application. Say adieu to makeup mishaps and enhance your daily routine with this essential investment.

*Please note mini magnification mirror is not

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    Zero Distortion

    For The Ultimate, True Reflection, Choose Our Diamond Grade Luminous Mirror.

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    Intelligent Storage

    With Multi Compartments Specially Designed To Be Deep & Benevolent.

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    Cordless Power

    Charge Easily For 30 Mins 1 Day Per Week For Up To 1 Weeks Power.

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    Articulating Hinge

    Speciality Designed Engineered Hinge For Multiple Potions & Angle Whilst On The Move.

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Transform The Way You Do Your Makeup!

Discover the Glow Beauty Case, where innovation meets illumination. Our expertly engineered luminous system replicates daylight and evening light, banishing shadows by evenly dispersing light across your face.

Tailor your glow with three optimized brightness settings, all boasting a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) exceeding 90. Illuminate your beauty routine with precision and clarity.

Designed for convenience, the vanity case is carefully crafted with deep and spacious compartments, offering ample room for all your daily makeup essentials. Effortlessly access your tools, as dual-function flaps keep pencils and brushes neatly separated while ensuring secure storage for your entire collection. Elevate your organization with the ultimate Glow Beauty Case.

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    White Light

    Versatile and ideal for diverse makeup tasks, white light ensures accurate colour representation, making it optimal for consistent and lifelike results despite changing lighting conditions.

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    Soft Light

    Soft light creates a flattering, uniform glow, reducing harsh facial shadows for seamless blending and contouring. Ideal for minimizing flaws and imparting a subtle radiance.

  • Warm Light

    Warm light adds a welcoming touch to your makeup routine, ideal for a soft, everyday look or evening events. It creates a relaxed atmosphere, making makeup application easy.

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The Must Have Travel Accessory!

Embark on a journey of beauty and elegance with the Glow Beauty Case, the quintessential travel companion that redefines the way you experience makeup on the go.

As a must-have travel accessory, this sleek and compact case brings a touch of glamour to your adventures, ensuring that your beauty routine remains uninterrupted and exquisite. The Glow Beauty Case is meticulously designed to cater to the unique challenges of travel, offering a harmonious blend of style and functionality. Its lightweight (1.5kg) yet durable construction ensures that you can effortlessly carry it with you wherever your wanderlust takes you.

Elevate your travel experience, radiate confidence, and make the Glow Beauty Case an indispensable part of your jet-setting beauty routine. Travel beautifully, travel effortlessly—with the Glow Beauty Case, your glamour knows no bounds.